My Requests for Evernote Reminder API

Evernote reminder is a very nice feature to send a notification on my smart phone device. But it may not be good for daily basis tasks because currently one note supports at most one reminder.

Here are my two requests for Evernote reminders capability from a view point of application developer using Evernote API.

Cyclic Reminder
Some certain tasks need to be done in daily work such as daily reports in week day. Without cyclic settings, we need to set a new reminder via API when a reminder is done. It is a bit awkward. It would be nice that Evernote officially support cyclic reminders. Day of the week in cyclic setting would be also nice.

Option to suppress sending mail
Evernote sends a mail at the day which has at least one reminder. It would not be necessary if the reminder is daily. (I actually set the mail as spam.) So, I’d like Evernote to have an option to suppress sending mail especially for almost daily basis tasks.